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"All I want to do is put out the music that is my passion for all to enjoy!  And have an amazing time doing it!!"

- Jessie Campbell -

Jessie Campbell born in Alabama raised in Michigan as a good ole' country boy.  Jessie's younger years consisted of hunting, fishing, country music and hard work.  Jessie has a passion for country music that has been built in his whole life.  He has loved to entertain his entire life.  Always the life of the party he can now add Nashville recording artist to all of his achievements.  Growing up listening to Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, George Straight and so many others is what drove is passion for country music.  

Jessie performs over 100 shows a year.  Opening for national acts and also headlining his own shows.  Jessie has an amazing voice and a stage presence not many will ever attain.  He has a given talent to draw people in and get them to have the best time.

"Jessie's voice sounds just as amazing in person as it does on the songs I download!! That just doesn't happen now a days!"

                                                                 ~Tina Smith

"Jessie is just like one of the guys you go out mudding in the fields with.  He is a guys guy for sure."

                                                                 ~Drew Black

"I've never enjoyed seeing a performer more.  His voice I could listen to all night long.  It is just so amazing and smooth."

                                                                  ~Amber Jackson

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