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Jessie Campbell Band

Nashville recording artist Jessie Campbell has had a passion for country music his whole life.  He started singing when he was just a child.  He feels music feeds his soul.  Music has been there for him through all his ups and downs in life.

Because music means so much to him he wants to share it with the world.  Jessie is always writing new songs.  One of his newest is RIDE AGAIN.  This song is one of his most loved.  He wrote this song about his brother he lost.  It has taken him 5 years to come up with the perfect tribute to his best friend.

Jessie has more songs coming out this year.  He always writes from the heart.  On RIDE AGAIN his friend Avery Roberson helped co write this and it turned out amazing.  Another friend and colleague of his Keegan Ferrell produced this masterpiece as well.  Jessie has an amazing team that help him put all his dreams out for all to enjoy!!

jessie ca_01.png


jessie ca_01.png


jessie ca_01.png
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