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Secret Acoustic Show

What a great night this was!! To play my first ever acoustic show none the less opening for KIPP MOORE!!!! Holy cow I don't even have the words. I had to keep this quiet for months and what an amazing night this was. I think we did well for our first acoustic. Looking forward to more. But the most cherished moments of the night were talking with Kipp. What a genuine, great human being this man is. He spoke with me like we were friends and had some of the best and most insiteful words for me being in this industry. I really can't say enough about him. Yes he is talented, but, when someone of his level takes the time to sit and chat with you just like friends it's a very surreal feeling. If you ever get a chance to see this man live and enjoy his talent just know as talented as he is he is always one too knotch human being!! Thanks again to The Junction in Lansing Michigan as well. And of course WITL radio out of Lansing Michigan who out this show together and took a chance on me to do something I've never done before!! I am so very blessed!!

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